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Find out how hundreds of small builders are thriving.

Construction Marketing & Sales Processes That Have Been Tested By Builders.

Are you struggling with:


  • Cash-flow
  • Generating quality leads
  • Finding time to work “On the business” instead of in it
  • Dealing with time-wasters
  • Having No One To Turn To For Advice
  • Feeling Alone In The Business
  • A Lack Of Business education



Do you build good quality homes but you don’t know how to build your business?

Are you open to new ideas on construction marketing but you don’t know where to start online?

Are confused when you lose a job on price when there was little or no net profit added to the contract?

If you are searching for the answers to any of these questions then you’re in the right place.

Members of the Association Of Professional Builders have access to proven sales & construction marketing templates that increase both their profitability and cash flow month on month.

By using a proven system that is being consistently tested and improve in the marketplace you’ll win more jobs at higher margins.

We don’t just teach Construction Marketing & Sales, we actively promote and advertise our Certified Professional Builders.

That means we know what works and what doesn’t.

Can you really afford to throw money away on your advertising?

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Are you tired of competing on price?
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Find out how hundreds of small builders are thriving.


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Hi there, Elizabeth here, the other half of Highwater Homes. The portal looks great as a further support in developing effective campaigns to market our business. I have delved into Facebook a bit already, but I am hoping that this will support me in taking it all to the next level.

Elizabeth Searle

Thanks for creating the members area. It will certainly be a huge bonus for us newbies to come to and better understand all the terms that get tossed around in APB meetings. Looking forward to working our way through them. Great Job, Sky.

Scott Shelton

I rate the content a solid 8 out of 10 as I am still getting used to using Facebook. Very good value for money and happy with the information as well as the follow up which encourages me to stay engaged with the Hub. Haven’t done a live coaching call with Sky yet but looking forward to my first one. Overall, very happy, thank you.

Sabrina McDavitt

I have found that the live coaching calls with Sky have been really good at re-enforcing the knowledge I am gaining from the portal so has been valuable in that sense. The content within the portal is great, I just need to work on picking up the more advanced terminology to be able to follow the step by step plans a little more effectively. Overall I am happy with how things are progressing and look forward to delving further into it.

Helen Esprester

What I have read so far regarding the content has been very helpful particularly on the first coaching call I did with Sky which gave me some handy tips as well. The value for money to be fair is very good, it is just finding the time to get into it so that I get the most out of it. I look forward to being able to spend more time on the members area and continue gaining more from each action plan.

Marie Ambrosiussen

I was pleasantly surprised as we have been utilising the portal quite often and have found it is really good value for money with some great content. The coaching call with Sky was also helpful and the step by step plans are definitely a 5 out of 5 when it comes to how easy they are to follow. Overall very happy with the portal.

Shane Williams

We have found the members area great as it is easy to understand and spoken in our language. There is a lot of similar coaching tools out there but none that are specific to the Construction Industry like this one is. The coaching calls with Sky are really good as you receive instant feedback and don’t have to wait for an emailed or ticketed response. We have found this to be truly great value, thank you.

Ken Ryan

I have found that the content within the Members Areas is of excellent quality, particularly with the step by step plans being super easy to follow. We have really appreciated the information that we have gained out of the Hub as without it we would have continued to just stumble through and so I can confidently say that it has been incredibly helpful.

Helena Watkins

I have the found the quality of the portal to be really good and relevant as well. Super easy to follow the step by step plans as well as great value for money, it is just finding the time to put into it so we can get more our of it that which seems to be the only issue.

Vanessa Donnellan

The quality of the portal is great with the action plans being very straight forward and easy to follow. Value for money is good and I am looking forward to more updates as we move forward.

Stephen Jackson






We actively market our Certified Professional Builders to the Australian & New Zealand market. By doing this we get to test new methods of generating leads for a building company, so that we can teach these strategies to our members.


Whether you need an APB Mentor or some advanced training in your sales, marketing or financials, the APB is all about supporting our builders to reach new levels of professionalism for the building industry.


The Association of Professional Builders has numerous trainings on the systemisation of a building company and how utilising either procedures or software can make your life as the owner of the building company easier and more enjoyable.

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