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More Clients? Tell Him He’s Dreaming…

Man dreaming of more clients.

Almost every builder ‘wants’ more clients… better quality clients… more easily.


Only a few are willing to do the work required to get those quality clients.


I love working in this industry and I really enjoy helping builders to market their building companies online.


I didn’t always want to do this…



Originally I wanted to be a successful fashion designer – But I wasn’t willing to do the work to get to and stay at that level. I wanted to BE there, but I wasn’t interested in GETTING there.


And if you want to “be” there but you don’t want to “get” there, all you’re left with is a dream.


Now don’t get me wrong, dreaming about the things you want is good. It’s called visualisation and all successful athletes use this technique as part of their preparation. Some people call it magic, some people call it prayer, and some call this the law of the universe. But when you start dreaming WITHOUT any intention of walking the walk… all it is, is wasted energy.


The most effective way we’ve found for builders to move forward in life and business is to install daily habits that form a ritual.


Writing out short term and long term goals every morning keeps you focused on what’s important. Doing this once or twice a month doesn’t really do a whole lot. 261 times a year, though, is a completely different story!


But the real key to this approach is accountability.


When we are held to account, we become even more focused on completing the goals we set ourselves.


It’s the reason why our senior management team meets in person every 90 days to set goals and review last quarter’s achievements. It’s why we set 90-day goals for all employees and review them at the end of each quarter.


And it’s why all of our builders fly to the Gold Coast every 90 days to meet with us in person, not only to set their goals for the next quarter but for us to hold them to account on what they set out to achieve 3 months ago.


It’s a powerful strategy, and it gets results…


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