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Why APB?

The Association Of Professional Builders is a new association, launched 2016, that provides high-quality information to builders in the construction industry in Australia, New Zealand, The United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

We have a small team made up of passionate and committed team members across Australia.

The APB provides builders with both free and paid advanced training courses that will help them become a more professional builder. We cover in-depth topics such as sales training, marketing coaching, financial, business and systems coaching.

The builders we work with in our training programs motivate and inspire us to aim higher and reach even more builders with our message to help their companies.

What makes us different from other associations is that we have a mission. A mission to double the size 1,000 building companies by 2020.

If you think you can help us achieve this, check out our current vacancies in the tab across the top.

APB’s Team Culture

Every single employee plays a significant role in not only the APB’s growth and success, but our builder’s growth and success too. In our culture we challenge employees to:

  • Think Like Entrepreneurs
  • Work Collaboratively
  • Take Responsibility & Ownership
  • Problem Solve

We Have Such A Great Employee Culture Because:

  • We Are Fair
  • We Are Honest
  • We Communicate
  • We Make It Fun
  • We Celebrate Our Successes
  • We Only Work With Our Ideal Clients

What makes our culture is all staff living & working to our core values.

See Our Team’s Core Values Below:

Approach every challenge with an open mind

Take responsibility as an individual but credit as a team

We practice what we preach & teach only what we know to be true.

Make Decisions & Own The Result.

Celebrate The Wins

Document & Share Your Knowledge

We Respect Our Own Time And The Time Of Others

Look In The Mirror & Ask More Questions Before Pointing The Finger

Use Logic To Make Decisions Involving Time Or Money

We accept all communication is intended to assist us and is not personal

We own the consequences of actions that sit outside of a standard procedure.

Application Process

At the APB we recognise that the selection of a new Team Member is a major investment for us and also for the applicant.

Our selection process is objective and relies on collecting information about the applicant on;

  • Work/Educational History/Qualifications/Skills
  • Construction Industry Experience as this is a major key in yours and our success
  • Interests and Desires for Growth & Learning
  • Motivational fit for the association

On successful completion of the initial application, applicants will be further screened and assessed via online, group and in-person interviews, aptitude tests and more depending on the position to ensure we have the best players as part of the best team.

Expressions of Interest

The Association Of Professional Builders hold high standards. From our staff, our processes, our customer service, our trainings, our products as well as our builders.

Together, we offer exceptional training and information for builders in the construction industry on relevant information covering sales techniques, marketing strategies, builder’s financial formulas, business and systems training. 

We are always on the look-out for energetic, results-driven, like-minded individuals so here is the opportunity to register your interest in joining us at the Association of Professional Builders and let us know what your employment preferences are.

On Offer To You

We know that both our success and our builders success is due to the hard work of our whole team, so we love to acknowledge each employee’s contribution by providing unparalleled training and development opportunities and a unique company culture.

How To Register Interest

We require all current and future team members to follow instructions implicitly.

To register interest for working with the association please call 1300 766 212 for instructions.


AU 1300 212 189 | NZ 09 887 8614 | US 619 821 8870