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Our building company is a second-generation company in Manitoba, Canada. My brother and I took it over from our uncle and...
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Glen Veenstra

Pine Creek Homes

Location Homes has been around since 2008 in the region that we operate. In 2011, my wife and I bought the franchise and took...
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Campbell Mattson

Location Homes

Contregrity Contracting is based in Saskatchewan, in Canada. We’ve been going now for seven years. We specialize in design-build custom homes for...
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Todd Lake

Contegrity Contracting

Veronica Sparagis

Glen Stephens

Rocky Simmons

Craig Jolly


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Rick Champlin - Simple Group

Rick Champlin

Simple Group

I grew up in the building industry, working for my dad at a family building company. I’ve been in the process of taking it over and knew I couldn’t do it alone. We brought Nic on as my partner: he didn’t have a lot of building experience but he’s a good friend of mine and very talented.

We’re Chatterton Builders; we’re based in Christchurch and we service most of the Canterbury region.

Brent Chatterton
Brent Chatterton - Chatterton Builders

Adlington Homes was first started by my father-in-law. My husband and I have been in the business for 30 years, and we’ve taken over running the business for the last eight years.

Liesa Adlington
Liesa Adlington - Adlington Homes

Our business is called Gaia Construction. I’m the registered builder and I deal with the client meetings, quoting and project management

Jeremy Gates and Sue Davidson
Jeremy Gates & Sue Davidson - Gaia Construction

Thomas Esprester

ESP Developments is a small building company based on the Southside of Brisbane. We’ve been in business in Queensland since 1991, but I was in Victoria for a few years prior to that.

Lee Makin

I’m Lee Makin, director and owner of Makin Homes. We’re based on the west coast of Western Australia, about an hour south of Perth. It’s a coastal suburb and we have a nice canal system over here as well.

Toby & Elizabeth Searle

We were both born and raised in Camden, an hour west of Sydney, in Australia. Our families have both grown up in Camden and we ended up meeting when we were about 19 or 20 years old.

Max Millis

Clare Harbinson

Neil Myburgh

Tye Alroe

Our business is a residential custom home builder. Before I started Alroe, I was a carpenter with my own business. I’m now 31 and I’ve been in business since I was 21; I brought on a business coach when I was 25 to learn mainly the basics of running a carpentry business. The business coach helped me out a lot, but when I got to the end of the financial part of the course, I didn’t really think I was learning much more, so I stopped using him.

I started in the trade as a carpenter and joiner when I was 15, and I did a four-year apprenticeship. I worked extensively in commercial and domestic construction.

Paul Baldwin
paul baldwin - baldwin constructions

I’m Chris from Capri Building Group, and I predominantly build on the Gold Coast.

Chris Eades
chris eades