Case Study: Stannard Family Homes

How We Helped Stannard Family Homes Increase Their MQLs By 700%.

The Client: Stannard Family Homes

Stannard Family Homes is a custom home building company based in Adelaide, Australia. Managing Director, Ryan Stannard, has built his company to become a leader in residential construction in Adelaide with his focus on exceptional customer service and high-quality family homes at realistic prices.

The Challenge:
No Marketing Strategy = Inconsistent Leads

For a long time, Stannard Family Homes were relying solely on referrals and word of mouth. The problem was the consistency of the leads coming in wasn’t practical to keep the business sustainable. Ryan explained to us, “We had too many humps and hollows. We’d build and build and build and then hit a wall and have no houses to build. So we’d lose all the profits we’d made because there was no consistency”.  

Ryan spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years with marketing companies that would promise the world and never deliver. “I was done with marketing. I thought it was the biggest waste of money because it was unmeasurable – by the time your 6 months in, you’ve paid $20,000-$30,000 and you’re still no better off”.

We soon took over Stannard Family Homes Facebook and Google advertising but we knew there was more to be done to really maximise the potential of Ryan’s building company.

The Solution:
A Complete Inbound Marketing Strategy

We worked with Stannard Family Homes to create a 12-month inbound marketing strategy for the business that educates potential customers and eases them through the sales process.

The key element of this content strategy is the use of educational content for prospects to consume in multiple ways. We worked with Stannard Family Homes to identify key topics that will educate and answer the burning questions of their avatar while easing them through the buyer’s journey of building a new home. We transformed these topics into engaging blog articles, professionally recorded videos, daily social media posts and educational email campaigns.

In order to bring this strategy to life, Stannard Family Homes needed an all-in-one system to seamlessly integrate from start to finish.

How We Used Hubspot To Create Success

  • Workflows: Workflow automation is set up to ensure every prospect is always in an email campaign - starting with indoctrination and nurturing and followed by curated content from blog articles - as well as automated updates for lifecycles and properties to keep their database accurate.
  • Lists: Segmented lists to identify opt-ins and MQLs (an MQL for Stannard Family Homes is a contact that has supplied a phone number) from advertising efforts and to identify ‘hot’ and disqualified prospects for a streamlined sales process.
  • Blogs: Content created from the marketing strategy is set up as monthly blog posts with CTA’s to encourage readers to opt-in.
  • Landing Pages & Forms: Landing pages for advertising were created with Hubspot’s features to generate new leads by opting in for a free download via Hubspot forms, followed by a qualifying funnel to identify answers to the qualifying questions set up as custom contact property fields.
  • Campaigns: Each content marketing topic and lead magnet is set up as it’s own campaign to clearly identify and measure success and attribution.
  • Conversations: Live chat functionality is used across the client’s website, landing pages and blog to easily communicate with and enter potential customers into the sales process.
  • Meetings: Calendar appointments are set up for potential prospects to book a meeting with Stannard Family Homes sales team and is used across landing pages and email campaigns.
  • Social: The social media content created for the inbound marketing strategy is scheduled through Hubspot’s Social feature across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Ads: Stannard Family Homes ad accounts for Google and Facebook are connected to Hubspot to track the success of advertising campaigns by easily identifying the number of MQLs+.
  • Dashboards: Report dashboards are set up for an easy, at-a-glance, view of analytics for advertising campaigns and lead generation.
  • Email: Hundreds of emails created for automation to indoctrinate and nurture new leads and to send the educational content from the content marketing strategy.
  • Deals: Automation is set up to create Deals each time a prospect requests a call or books a meeting. This has been a game-changer for Stannard Family Homes sales team, streamlining the process of engaging with potential customers efficiently.

The Results & Impact

In Ryan’s words, “I had the confidence that I was going to get the service that I need and that if it wasn’t going to work, you wouldn’t be offering it to me.” 

“The real traction has been gained in the last 3 months since we released the content marketing. My sales guys can’t keep up. The clients see me on the frontline through the videos but then they’ll subscribe and the whole series of emails will go out to them and educate these people. So when they do contact us, they know that much about us and they generally aren’t talking to anyone else. And if they are, we can dismiss them pretty quickly because we’ve gained so much credibility.”
By setting up campaigns, it’s obvious how much the content is helping to educate and influence Stannard Family Homes prospects. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue can be attributed to the content that’s being pushed out. 
Stannard Family Homes Hubspot Campaigns
Conversion rates of form submissions have gone through the roof, bringing more prospects into the database and qualifying them through the funnel of landing pages instantly. By using the landing page funnel to qualify prospects as soon as they opt-in, we’ve streamlined the sales process for Stannard Family Homes. 
The ability to easily identify which advertising campaigns are bringing in MQLs has been a game-changer. This detailed overview that can’t be seen through Facebook or Google alone has allowed us to optimise and scale up campaigns that are bringing in the money-making leads. The number of MQLs since launching Hubspot and the content marketing strategy has increased by 700%! 

“It’s unbelievable… We have more sales leads than we know what to do with. If you can’t afford it, go and extend your mortgage, it’s going to pay you back tenfold.”