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Who Are The Association Of Professional Builders?

The Association of Professional Builders is an association for residential builders looking to grow, learn and operate a successful and profitable building company. The Association has training programs assisting builders in areas such as Sales (strategy and selling techniques), Marketing (online and offline), Financials (builder specific numbers) and Business (operations, teams, culture etc).

Do You Provide Any Free Training For Builders?

Absolutely! The Association of Professional Builders have a clear vision to improve the residential construction industry for both clients and builders.

Not all builders are in a position to commit to an APB Training program therefore we share as much free content as possible for builders looking to become more professional. We produce new content weekly via our Blog and Youtube Channel so be sure to subscribe and also like us on Facebook to keep in touch.

How Can I Become A Certified Professional Builder?

We select only Professional Builders currently in Australia or New Zealand looking to grow their business. If that is you, click here to learn more about the application process: https://info.acrisservices.com/apb


All Certified Professional Builders have undergone an Advanced 12 month Training Program to become certified.

Why Did You Create Another Association?

After years of providing training to builders in the industry, we discovered there was a gap for an Association that benefits BOTH the Builders and Clients.

Our goal is to establish a level of professionalism in the construction industry that will become the new standard and improve the experience of both clients and builders.

How Will Joining APB Benefit Me?

As a builder, you will finally have the keys to owning and operating a successful building company. We will show you only the proven tactics, strategies and systems. We have it all mapped out ready for you.