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We believe that residential home builders deserve to be earning more money for the service they are providing. And we also believe that consumers deserve a far better service than they are currently getting. But here’s the thing… You can’t deliver world-class service on tiny margins, or without having the proper systems in place. 

The two go hand-in-hand… So in order to increase your margins, you need to provide a better client experience, and to do that you need to systemise your building company. 

And that’s what we provide at the Association of Professional Builders… Systems that generate more leads, more contracts and higher margins while improving the client experience.

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Association of Professional Builders expands international operations with Canadian acquisition

Featured in Build Australia.

Leading business coaching service for residential home builders the Association of Professional Builders (APB) today announced the acquisition of Best Contractor Coach, a Canada-based coaching company focused on builders.

Work In Progress Accounting Destroying Building Companies

Featured in Build Australia.

Residential home builders are running out of cash and going bust because they don’t know how to correctly calculate their work in progress liability.

Building Industry Could Face Wave Of Company Collapses

Featured in The Australian, Courier Mail, The Cairns Post, Townsville Bulletin, The Mercury, Gold Coast Bulletin, The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun and The Advertiser.

Residential construction companies, buoyed by government assistance in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, will face severe cash flow problems once the schemes are wound back, potentially sparking a record number of company collapses.

How Builders Create A Millionaire Mindset

Featured in Construction Wise Magazine.

Russ shares some tips on how builders can remove the limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

Builders Have Never Been Busier Despite Covid-19

Featured in Build Australia, Courier Mail & Gold Coast Bulletin.

2020 is shaping up to be a record year for custom home builders across Australia despite the COVID-19 pandemic, with some forecasting a five-fold increase in net profit for quarter four.

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The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

Russ joined Greg and Kevin of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast to discuss attracting high-quality leads throughout 2021 while also preparing and setting up your business for 2022. 

“You have two different mindsets – the mindset of get the work, do the work, get paid. And then you’ve got the businesspeople looking beyond this boom that we’re in and understanding that it will be the survival of the fittest in 2022.” — Russ Stephens.

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New Construction Marketing

Sky joins Anya Chrisanthon to discuss the three strike follow up process for construction companies, as well as the importance of maintaining good habits during a boom.

“Ensure you’re not missing out on the people that are interested, but just aren’t gung ho. The people who need a little bit of your sales skills, don’t neglect them. That’s when you need to have all of your processes in place.” – Sky Stephens

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The Site Shed

Russ joined Matt Jones to talk about how builders need to manage their client expectations. They also covered the client onboarding process and how to communicate with your clients effectively.

“It’s all about having the proper communication prerequisites in place. You need to be having regular meetings, you need to have a dedicated point of contact, you need to have scheduled updates so the client always knows where they are.” — Russ Stephens

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Training Unleashed

Sky and Evan Hackel got together to talk about all things business coaching.

“The worst kind of training is static training. We’re perpetually growing, times are changing, and consumers are becoming more educated so builders need to adapt their processes.” — Sky Stephens.

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Home Building Hero

Russ was interviewed by Home Building Hero’s host, David Belham, to talk about how builders can improve the building experience for their clients.

“You have to been seen as a leader and an authority. And when you step up and take that role the consumer will be guided by you, because you’re acting in their best interest at the end of the day.” – Russ Stephens

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Building My Legacy

Sky joined Lois Sonstegard to talk about lead generation, supply and demand, the importance of selling on value and much more.

“When you’re so in demand, you’ve got a line out the door. What happens when there’s a line out the door? People want you more. They’re going to sign up and they’re gonna pay the margins that will pay the bottom line.” – Sky Stephens

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sales pop!

Sky joined Mark Golden to talk about the importance of having a structured, repeatable and scalable sales process.

“Without having structure and milestones to get to, you never really know what you’re trying to do in each conversation. You can’t scale up and there’s no consistency.” – Sky Stephens

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the minimalist ceo

Russ joined Nate Lindquist to explore the blueprint for growing a building company.

“Without the right systems, it’s extremely hard for a custom home building company to run profitably.” – Russ Stephens

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play your position

Russ joined Mary Lou Kayser to uncover why offering the lowest price for you products and services can seriously backfire.

“There is this perception that consumers only want the lowest price, then builders find themselves competing on price because that’s how they believe they’ll win a job.” – Russ Stephens

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manage smarter

Sky joined Audrey and Lee from Manage Smarter podcast to discuss the #1 secret that builders can implement to generate more leads and sign more contracts.

“The builders who thrived, the main difference was actually their sales ability. Margins is in your marketing and your sales process. A principal we really drill into our members is economics 101 – supply and demand.” – Sky Stephens

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Russ joined Benjamin Shapiro of the MarTech Podcast to discuss three key areas of construction marketing:

Building Trust & Authority Without Email

Social Media Hacks To Expedite Growth

5 Tips To Doubling Your Growth

Find links to all the episodes on the link below

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Russ featured live on Australian Business News forum, AusBiz to discuss the uptick in available contracts for builders during 2020, and how this trend is set to continue throughout 2021. 

“Things we’re looking bleak at the start of the year but around May/June/July we started seeing record levels of consumers going into the design process. That continued to flow through into contract signings in Q3 and Q4 which has resulted in builders being booked out for the entire year of 2021.” — Russ Stephens

EA Interviews

Sky joined Mario Fachini on a live episode to talk about the benefits of content marketing and how you can easily implement it into your business.

“You can only dangle an offer in front of somebody so many times. If you were to deliver content, a few tips, some proof, success stories, design trends, it keeps people warm. Then you repurpose it. Put it into emails, break it up into social captions, do a Facebook Live, a blog post and share it around – you have a lot of longevity there.” — Sky Stephens