APB’s Story

The Association of Professional Builders (APB) was the brainchild of the team at ACRIS Sales Training.

ACRIS Services, started out in 2012 with a goal to provide builders with the tools to run their companies more efficiently and more profitably as the harsh reality is, 80% of builders will go out of business in the next 5 years due to a lack of business skills and knowledge.

Our goal is simply to increase the number of professional builders in the industry and improve the experience for both clients and builders. We provide training and resources for builders to use in order to develop their building companies making them the builder of choice.

ACRIS Services now look after over 2,000 customers in 4 countries.

Our clients include building companies of all sizes, both custom home builders and renovation specialists.

The APB was created because there are inadequate systems and training today to give builders the business and lifestyle they really desire.

The APB is an Association for builders who are looking to systemise and grow their business, using only proven methods to deliver real results.

It is through this success and the success of our private clients that we now use our proven systems and methods to deliver the results and solutions to professional builders.

So many construction and building industry associations, coaches, consultants and franchises promise results, yet don’t deliver on what they promise, which is leads, systems, support and sales. They also don’t deliver adequate training and support to the builders that they are supposed to serve as majority of the time, they are just advisers and have never owned and operated their own and successful business.

About The Founders

Alex Alexandrou

Alex Alexandrou has been involved in sales for 29 years. Alex has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies that lead him to become the #1 sales representative for Philips in the world. In the early 2000’s Alex was also a co-founder of a telecommunications company. Since leaving his corporate position Alex has been working in the construction industry training and coaching builders in the art of selling.

Alex is a Co-Founder of The Association Of Professional Builders, helping many building companies to significantly increase sales revenue & profits.

This has been accomplished by developing & optimising customised sales and marketing funnels, as well as business implementation strategies and tactics.

Alex delivers clear go to market business strategies, aligned and plugged into highly proven and successful business practices including sales & marketing, which leads to more enquiries, better quality enquiries, more contracts in less time and a leaner and more efficient sales process.

Sky Stephens

Co-Founder of the Association Of Professional Builders and Managing Director of ACRIS Services, Sky Stephens has worked with building companies across Australia, New Zealand, North America and Canada. Sky sold her first business at 19 years old and currently manages and operates 5 businesses.

Sky specialises in helping building companies to increase their sales and margins through marketing themselves online cost effectively. Sky teaches only proven advertising strategies she uses herself on a day-to-day basis.

Sky is a member of the Master Builders Association, a licensed reseller for Safety Culture documentation.