Are you looking for a thought leader from the Association Of Professional Builders to speak at your upcoming event? Look no further.

The Association of Professional Builders is always looking for opportunities to share construction industry specific best practices on sales and marketing. If you’re hosting an upcoming event and think your guests would like to hear from someone at APB, simply submit a request to the right and we’ll brainstorm together to see how we can help.

Please check out some Frequently Asked Questions below to get a better idea of how it all works and if the Association is a good fit for your next event.


If I submit a form, am I guaranteed to have an APB speaker at my event?

APB love taking on speaking engagements but we put our commitments to our clients first and foremost. Unfortunately, if the speaker/topic you require for your event falls on a day that is already booked out, we won’t be able to guarantee a speaker for your event.


What event criteria would make my request a good fit for APB?

We ultimately decide that an event is a good fit if the opportunity is worth the investment. For example, if an engagement is interstate or international, it will probably require more travel time and costs. Typically, events with fewer than 50 builders won’t be a great fit. We also consider the content of your event, the builders in the room, and the lead time.


Do I have to pay for a speaker?

Yes, speaking fees will depend entirely on your event so please fill in the form to the right so we can be in contact.


What topics can APB talk about?

Our speakers are experts on any topic relating to running a residential building company, including Builders Sales Process, Content Marketing, Generating Leads Online for a Building Company, Financials including Work In Progress Accounting Adjustment & Pricing for Profit, Systemising a Building Company, and more.


If you have any questions, please email us here.

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