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Here you’ll find resources that help you grow your building company safely and securely. From how to qualify new enquiries on the first phone call, to leading your building company. This is where professional builders go to grow their building company.

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100% Free Online Training

For Running a Professional Building Company

How To Survive
The Recession

How to prepare your building company for a downturn.

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • How to survive the impending economic downturn (and what the current crisis has in common with 2008, 2001, 1997 & 1987).
  • What you need to do next in order to protect your cash flow and safely guide your building company through the next 12 months.
  • How to be calm when everyone around you is losing their heads.
  • How to hit the ground running in 2021 with a queue of clients.
  • Why you need to change your marketing message now!
  • And much more…
  • [FREE ACTION PLAN] When you register we’ll also send you the Constructions Financials Action Plan which contains industry benchmarks for custom home builders (valued at $497).

Using Mindset To
Increase Sales

​​​​​​​How you can improve your mindset and avoid being held back by self-limiting beliefs.

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • Why builders with a growth mindset outperform the builders with a fixed mindset every day.
  • Why younger builders experience success faster than older builders… even when they follow the same strategy.
  • Why having a positive ‘can do’ attitude is not enough to guarantee success… and even makes it harder for builders to succeed.
  • The #1 thing you can do to motivate both yourself and your team.
  • What 76% of highly successful people spend 30 minutes doing every day.
  • Why your subconscious stops you from winning that extra contract.
  • Case Study: How a custom home builder went from 0% net profit to holding over $600k in cash reserves in less than 3 years.

The New Sales Process For Custom Home Builders

How to sign more contracts without cutting your margin.

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • Why employing ‘experienced’ sales people rarely works out for custom home builders and what you need to do instead…
  • How an altercation with a salesperson in a car dealership exposed the change that was taking place in the sales process for builders.
  • Why the #1 reason a prospect gives you for not signing a contract is a lie and WHY they decided not to tell you the truth.
  • How to get your prospects to tell you the truth when you ask for their budget…
  • How to get paid in advance and avoid having to produce a free quote…
  • How to close the sale without saying a word…
  • Case Study: How an innocent mistake led to a salesperson discovering the true intentions of a hot opportunity…Every builder needs to hear this story!

Financials Systems
For Builders

How to generate more profit on every job & avoid running out of cash.

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • What to do now if your building company is unprepared for the impending recession.
  • How a clock led to a discovery that would prevent the collapse of hundreds of building companies.
  • Why unforeseen events are totally predictable and their effects controllable.
  • How to predict the boom times ahead and avoid getting caught out by the recessions that eventually follow…
  • Mystery solved: how a custom home builder lost 10.8% gross profit on every project.
  • The most important figure that is missing from your accounts and why neglecting it destroys residential building companies.
  • Case study: how a financial system transformed a residential builder from ‘surviving’ to ‘growing’.

Professional Builders Secrets Facebook Group

An online community for like-minded builders to connect.

An open group for like minded custom home builders and renovation specialists to meet, exchange ideas and improve the consumer experience by delivering better customer service through systemisation.

Highest Rated Training Courses

Handover Checklist For Builders

Handover Checklist
For Builders

How To Create An Unforgettable Occasion For Your Clients At Handover That Results In Raving Fans

managing client expectations

Managing Client

How To Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations On Every Job

price of home build jobs

How To Price Your
Jobs For Profit

The Original Pricing 4 Profit Training: How To Price Contracts For A Construction Company Using A Net Margin

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