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Here you’ll find resources that help you grow your building company safely and securely. From how to qualify new enquiries on the first phone call, to leading your building company. This is where professional builders go to grow their building company.

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Prepare Your Building Company For The Downturn

Inside our step-by-step training plan we created for our members you’ll discover:

  • How to survive the impending economic downturn (and what the current crisis has in common with 2008, 2001, 1997 & 1987).
  • What you need to do next in order to protect your cash flow and safely guide your building company through the next 12 months.
  • How to be calm when everyone around you is losing their heads.
  • How to hit the ground running in 2021 with a queue of clients.
  • Why you need to change your marketing message now!
  • And much more…

Free Tools

The NEW Sales Process For A Building Company

The NEW sales process
for a building company

How to qualify leads - Builders Qualifying Checklist

Qualifying Checklist
For Builders

The Client Handbook Template
For Builders


For Running a Professional Building Company

Ready to transform your building company?

Ready to transform your building company?

It won’t happen overnight, but with the right tools you can do it!

Most builders have no clue what to do and what order to do
it. But we’ll show you everything we give our members to support them in their journey.

Take a look inside the Association of Professional Builders now!
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Highest Rated Training Courses

Handover Checklist For Builders

Handover Checklist
For Builders

How To Create An Unforgettable Occasion For Your Clients At Handover That Results In Raving Fans

managing client expectations

Managing Client

How To Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations On Every Job

price of home build jobs

How To Price Your
Jobs For Profit

The Original Pricing 4 Profit Training: How To Price Contracts For A Construction Company Using A Net Margin

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