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Liesa Adlington
See How Liesa Went From Struggling With Processes To Working Smarter And Getting Better Results.
Jeremy Gates and Sue Davidson
See How Jeremy & Sue Went From Relying Heavily On Referrals To Picking And Choosing Which Jobs And Clients They WANT To Work With.
Rick Champlin
See How Rick Has Almost Tripled His Profit Margin.
Thomas Esprester
See How Tom Focuses On The Prospects That He WANTS To Work With On The Jobs That He WANTS.
Lee Makin
See How Lee Only Concentrates On Genuine Prospects Now Instead Of Being Compared To Other Builders' Prices.
Tye Alroe
See How Tye Controlled His Business & Cashflow After Growing From $4.5m-$9m.
Chris Eades
See How Chris Grew His Net Profit Margins To 15%! (After Paying Himself Market Wages)
Clare Harbison
See How Clare Signed $500k Of Renovations Contracts In 6 Months.
Neil Myburgh
See How Neil Is Growing His Building Company Safely & Securely.
Max Mills
See How Max Addresses His Potential Client’s 2 Biggest Fears Easily In His Sales Process.
Paul Baldwin
See How Paul Got Off The Tools & Now Operates As A Building Company Owner Rather Than A Carpenter On Site.
Toby Searle
See How A Husband & Wife Team Successfully Run $6m Building Company Together.

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“I Can See Ourselves Working Smarter, Getting Better Results And Becoming More Confident”

“We needed help from a company that understood building and exactly what we were going through, and could actually add value to our company by helping us put processes and systems in place.

It’s given us the support to understand how to sell our business, how to be proud of our business, and also how to look after ourselves and be profitable.”

Liesa Adlington | Adlington Homes, New South Wales, Australia

“Sales Revenue Has Doubled And The Previous Year, Our Leads Have Just Gone Through The Roof”

“I always say to people, “Just because you’re a great tradesman doesn’t mean you’re great at running a business. You’ve been taught how to be a great tradesman, let somebody teach you how to be a great businessman and go from there.”

Jeremy Gates and Sue Davidson | Gaia Construction, Victoria, Australia

“Our Sales Have Grown, But Our Margin On Those Sales Has Also Grown”

“There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Every dollar we’ve spent on the coaching has paid itself back multiple times over.

Our sales have grown, but our margin on those sales has also grown and that’s definitely a direct result of the training that we received.

There’s just no reason to fight this battle by yourself.

Get as much support as possible; get the experts involved and use everything that they teach you.”

Rick Champlin | Simple Group, Utah, United States

“You Can Talk To Other Builders Within The Group And That In Itself Is A Revelation”

“In the building industry there’s a lack of helping and mentoring. Builders don’t talk to each other.
We see each other as competition, as the enemy. Everybody works to a different beat and everybody does slightly different jobs, and we all see each other as competitors, but we’re actually not.

So, if you need support, it’s not generally there within the industry, but within the Builders Mentoring Program there’s an amazing amount of support. If you’ve got a question you don’t quite understand or you’ve got a circumstance you can’t quite deal with, (a) you’ve got a mentor you can talk to, or (b) you can talk to other builders within the group and that in itself is a revelation because that doesn’t happen in our industry.”

Thomas Esprester | ESP Developments, Queensland, Australia

“It’s Been A Great Relief To Know That I’m Not Alone”

“It’s been a great relief to know that I’m not alone and that some of the figures that I was looking at were realistic. And it’s just great comfort to know that there’s somebody there who I can actually ask a lot of these questions and get some truthful answers. That was one of the best things that I gained out of joining APB.”

Lee Makin | Makin Homes, Western Australia, Australia
matt smith

“Don’t Bother Going Anywhere Else”

“The only place to find out how to promote, manage and maintain a successful building company. Don’t bother going anywhere else.”

Matt SmithRainbow Building Solutions, Tasmania, Australia

“Actual, Real Information”

“There’s actual real information. A lot of the business consultants that I’ve hired and spent a lot of money on… I probably would have been better off with a book. You have the answers and have information to back the opinion up and show the results.”

Timothy Ferraro Bluestem Construction, Minnesota, United States
max mills

“I Don’t Want Other Builders Knowing About This”

“I was very leery and even when I joined, I thought, is this for real? If people honestly want to change their business, and let’s be honest, we’re not a Hallmark movie where the individual’s a terrible person, and then they change overnight. Here, if you want change it’ll come, if your eyes are open, and you understand it. For me, I’m absolutely grateful that we did this because it has changed how I see things, how we run our business. We build the same great home, but now I understand the processes. So, yes, I will say it: If anyone joins from Utah, I’m going to be p*ssed.”

Max Mills RM Mills Construction, Utah, United States
bo dillon

“APB Truly Cares About The Success Of Its Builder Members (And Beyond).”

“The leadership team at APB truly cares about the success of its builder members (and beyond). The training programs are professionally constructed, insightful, actionable, and concise enough to be digested in one sitting. It always impressed me how they would reach out regularly to each member to see what they needed help with. There is a great amount of value in the training program, but also access to the online community of builder members. The Facebook page is a great source of collaboration and problem solving for the many challenges building companies face today. Keep up the good work, APB!”

Bo Dillon Dillon Homes, Arkansas, United States

“The Depth Of Information, Preparation & Thought”

“The previous business mentor I had has really been good to me and he’s a really nice person. He’s also trying to uplift the builders community to being on a professional level; you’ve got to take your hat off to that. But then if I compare APB’s information and the way that the team works, I can see there’s a lot more depth in there, there’s a lot more preparation that has gone into it, a lot more thought has gone into it. In the beginning it might look expensive, but in the end when you feel the results, you see the results, you grow more comfortable in what you do, more secure in what you do. The moment that you start to realise the quality of advice you get from APB, you realise it’s definitely worth it. I’d like to honestly thank APB for their input and thank them for the work that the guys are doing, all of them. It’s great stuff, I really appreciate that, thank you.”

Neil MyburghNEDs Projects, Auckland, New Zealand

“Great Association To Be A Part Of!!”

“The Association of Professional Builders have helped us to implement highly successful business strategies into our sales and marketing and financial structures that we utilise everyday. We have improved dramatically throughout our involvement and association with these guys. The tools and assistance that are provided are essential to the growth and continued success of our business. Without the APB, we would be fighting at the back of the pack with other wanna be builders. I can’t thank them enough for how they have helped over the years. Great association to be a part of!!”

Toby SearleHighwater Homes, New South Wales, Australia
tye alroe

“You Want To Help Other Builders Become Successful”

“The vision of your company you can see as clear as day, you want to help other builders become successful. I’m a true believer in what you guys have. And the support you guys give to us is pretty second to none. I’ve been really, really impressed with the service to be honest. It’s just the processes and procedures, and all the programs you guys use, are just second to none. So, if someone can learn even just that from you guys, in your business, they’ll go a long way toward being successful.”

Tye AlroeAlroe Constructions, Queensland, Australia
chris eades

“If Anyone Was Thinking Of Joining APB, I Would Give Them A Thumbs Up.”

“When I look back at how I was before I joined APB, I’m sure there are other builders who currently feel like I felt then. There would be other builders out there who are struggling, or just wondering where the leads have gone, where the enquiries have gone. There’d be builders out there feeling like they’re pricing them down, or not getting the contracts that they want and the projects they want, or maybe they’re just tired, overwhelmed and stressed, because of a lack of organisation and systems. If anybody is out there at the moment who is feeling that particular weight and maybe experiencing certain difficulties in their business, my message for them would be to get the support that we get through APB. It gives you the confidence to take that next step, whereas you might hold back if you’re on your own. If anyone was thinking of joining APB, I would give them a thumbs up.”

Chris EadesCapri Building Group, Queensland, Australia
Clare Harbinson | Coy’s Constructions, Victoria, Australia

“There’s No Way We Could Have Achieved What We Have Without APB’s Help”

“I always laugh because when we joined, I remember hearing of other members who say they don’t recommend APB to other people because they don’t want other people to know… And we don’t recommend it to our friends, but to anyone else that’s a little bit outside of that circle and not in the same area as us, we just rave and rave and rave about it. The time and the money that we paid for APB doesn’t even come into it because there’s no way we could have ever achieved what we have without the help of someone like APB. The small amount that we pay is well and truly included within the contracts. And we couldn’t have done it without APB.”

Clare HarbinsonCoy’s Constructions, Victoria, Australia
Ryan Stannard

“The Builders In APB Are Open And Honest”

“Every time I meet a builder at Bunnings I chat to them and they all say they have ‘that much work they can’t keep up’, but it’s all just bulldust, really. We don’t talk to other builders.

Other builders don’t socialise with each other and if they do, you’re never, ever going to get honest feedback. Whereas talking to APB builders, we’re all just open and honest, talking about our businesses, exactly where we’re at. Some guys have been members of APB for years and their businesses are obviously in a much different position to where mine is now being four months in. But that will be me in four, five years’ time. I maybe wouldn’t recommend APB to builders that are my competition, but would definitely recommend them to other builders.”

Ryan StannardStannard Family Homes, South Australia, Australia
paul baldwin

“I Know I’m Not Just A Number In The System”

“I know APB cares about us, because we’ve had personable interactions with everything we do together. So, I know I’m not just a number in the system.

At the end of the day, financially, our costs to be involved with APB have not been a burden on our final result. I would certainly recommend APB for support and for the systems behind the scenes.”

Paul BaldwinBaldwin Constructions, Queensland, Australia

“APB Could Take Me That Step Further That I Needed To Go”

“I found APB and I felt that they understood the industry and wider areas. I have an accountant who’s also my business advisor, but he could only take me so far. I felt APB could take me that step further that I needed to go. That was two years ago now! They looked at the whole package, not just one aspect of the business.

APB has been on my case, in a good way, ever since.”

Jodie AustinJAC Homes, South Australia, Australia

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