chris eades

Chris Eades

I’m Chris from Capri Building Group, and I predominantly build on the Gold Coast. We specialise in custom luxury homes, more tailored to the high-end market, with architectural design.

Prior to finding APB, business was very stressful. I’d just been made redundant from a position, and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had building experience with my previous building company, so I thought, I still have my builder’s licence, that’s where I’m going to go. I started up Capri Building Group, was looking to generate leads and came across APB.

I Was Just Winging It Everyday

Having had a previous building company, but knowing nothing about business, I was just winging it every day, trying to generate leads through any means possible – cold calling, talking to friends, seeing if they knew anyone who wanted a renovation or building done. And I just knew I had to get some structure behind me.
I knew how to build, but the challenge was how do I build a business? How do I sustain it? How do I actually grow it safely and securely? I also knew that I wanted a paperless office as well. So, I knew I wanted to find systems, and that’s how I eventually came across APB.

I was doing a lot of Googling, looking online for systems, and I also needed some help in the market to try and help generate leads, and that’s how I eventually found APB – through Facebook. I joined APB and it came together really quickly. I’ve been able to get some exceptional results by following APB’s protocol.

I had a light bulb moment towards the end of last year when I was reflecting on my numbers. I realised then just how well this was working. It was a bit funny just thinking that I actually sign contracts now at 15% net margin.

I Actually Sign Contracts At A 15% Net Margin Now

The way I set up all my builds now is to put a markup on them, which is normally around 30%. During the build, I make sure that all my contractors are on fixed pricing. So, there might be means for getting some more numbers out of that, and I’ll try and drive the job to finish on time so that I am able to get the most out of it.

I’m taking wages out of the business now, paying suppliers, insurance, all my fixed expenses and my current net margin on contract is 15%. That’s what I’m actually achieving. We achieved our paperless system, which is good because everything’s just a click away. It doesn’t matter where I am, either on my phone, tablet or on the computer, I’ve got access to everything, whether it’s analysis, project management, sales, anything in the business. It’s at my fingertips. We’ve been able to do this within the 18 months since Capri began.

APB Gave Me The Support To Take That Next Step In My Company

Planning for the next quarter is to focus on lead generation, scale things down and really get in there and do a lot of analysis, find out what’s working, what’s not, and really targeting my avatar. Determining an avatar, the type of people that we want to build for, really increases the contract value.

When I look back at how I was before I joined APB, I’m sure there are other builders who feel like I felt then. There would be other builders out there who are struggling, or just wondering where the leads have gone, where the enquiries have gone. There’d be builders out there feeling like they’re pricing them down, or not getting the contracts that they want and the projects they want, or maybe they’re just tired, overwhelmed and stressed, because of a lack of organisation and systems.

If anybody is out there at the moment who is feeling that particular weight and maybe experiencing certain difficulties in their business, my message for them would be to get the support that we get through APB. It gives you the confidence to take that next step, whereas you might hold back if you’re on your own. If anyone was thinking of joining APB, I would give them a thumbs up.

– Chris Eades
Director, Capri Building Group