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The Association of Professional Builders (APB) is an association on a mission to improve the construction industry for both clients and builders.


For builders we produce regular online workshops, video training, new articles, YouTube videos and more. We also help consumers find a builder they can trust by showing them what to look for in a building company, what questions to ask builders and how they can spot a professional builder.


Right now, the residential construction industry has a bad reputation.


There’s a big difference between builders and Professional Builders.


The biggest difference is their business knowledge.


Builders know how to construct a home, coordinate hundreds of different materials and trades to come together and create a home exactly to their client’s specification.


But not all builders can effectively run a team, manage their financials so their business is successful, advertise to their ideal clients and easily prepare detailed & professional proposals to their prospects.


APB is stretching the gap between the true professional builders in the industry, and those that get by doing an average job for their clients, going over budget and over schedule.


What is APB
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  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Sales, Marketing, Financials and Business templates
  • Access a global network of Professional Builders on our exclusive Facebook Group
  • Use of the APB Member Badge on your marketing materials

Training Programs

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  • Training Programs to help your building company systemise and grow
  • Monthly Accountability
  • Advanced KPI Spreadsheets
  • Certifications

“It Was Without A Shadow Of Doubt, The Most Informative, Inspiring And Thought Provoking Event I Have Ever Attended. Can’t Wait To Get Back Into The Office To Start Implementing What We Just Leant. I Feel Sorry For My Competition!!”

Brett Andrews

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