Who Is A Good Fit?

The Association of Professional Builders works exclusively with custom home building companies. In particular, the owners & directors of medium sized construction companies that are looking to systemise the business, grow their margins and/or their sales revenue and transform this industry…

Our Members Are...

Custom Home Building Companies

Owners &

Annual Sales Revenue Between $1m-$100m

“I don’t think there’s another set of courses out there that is so directly applicable to custom home builders.”

Glen Veestra | Pine Creek Homes, Manitoba, Canada

Typically Our Builders...

  • Build custom homes (or major renovations ($100k+ projects)).
  • Have happy clients & build exceptional homes.
  • Have a website and have tried some form of marketing online.
  • Are willing to delegate & constantly work on themselves.
  • Have a desire to take their building company to the next level.
  • Have the drive & tenacity to make things happen. (they don’t wait for luck, they create it)

Prior To Working Together, Our Members Had Challenges...

  • Competing on price with other builders.
  • Systemising the business.
  • Generating enough leads to sustain sales.
  • Scheduling time to work on their building company.
  • Finding the right employees & onboarding new employees.
  • Setting their company’s culture.
  • Making data-driven decisions to identify the biggest weaknesses.
  • Closing new sales & the follow up process.
  • Automating their marketing.

“We’ve increased our margin by about 4% in the eight months that we’ve been working with APB.”

Campbell Mattson | Location Homes, Taranaki, New Zealand

Understanding These Challenges, We Created APB So Our Members Could Implement Proven Systems To...

  • Compete on value and never on price.
  • Increase their margins while delivering a superior customer experience.
  • Systemise their sales & marketing procedure.
  • Generate more leads than they need.
  • Grow their building companies safely & securely.
  • Read accurate financial reports each & every month.
  • Create a profitable business that will look after them later in life.

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